Nature - you can taste it

The Kitchen Team in Hotel Castello Koenigsleiten turns out to be a specialist for healthy and regional delicacies. With great passion, the creative chef brings together with the host Christian Eder, the culinary treasures of the surrounding national park Hohe Tauern in his kitchen.

"Eating is one of the most beautiful passions". But we want to know what we eat and where our food comes from ", said Christian Eder. He knows the best suppliers and producers in his home.

Allergies. An allergy or intolerance is "every days business" for our trained kitchen team. You can still enjoy all the food carefree, may it be a Wiener Schnitzel, that should be gluten-free and egg-free or a delicious apple strudel without nuts.

Organic Food is our Future

In Castello Koenigsleiten we try to get as much as possible of our food from organic agriculture and primarily from the region. This does not mean that you have to forego to something in the holiday. On the contrary, regional availability enriches our food and drinks to many facets with fresh produce.

This begins at breakfast with eggs from really happy chickens. If you are interested, you can visit the farm chickens. Our apples for apple juice are harvested and pressed in the fall by ourselves, Obstpresse Bramberg and include exactly zero preservatives, flavors or added sugar. Our honey comes from the organic Kochleite farm in Neukirchen. There are no sprayed trees or flowers, of which pesticide may reach the honey. Unfortunately, this can not guarantee for conventional honey. Or our self-baked bread. Just flour, yeast, salt and water - no leavening agents, or preservatives. Our teas are hand collected from our herbal garden, the National Park Hohe Tauern and the Hollersbacher herbal garden Hollersbacher Kräutergarten. The list could go on for a long time - and that was just breakfast.

Why is this so important to us?

Our farmers do, with the management and cultivation of the land, the basis of our living space. Only with the purchase of local products we secure income in the region, so of course jobs and quality of life for all - for ourselves, our fellow human beings and also for our guests. Especially important for excellent products is the alpine summer when the cattle is on the mountain pasture. There is only the best herbs, the whole day running around, producing exceptionally tasty organic food. Once one compares a fresh mountain butter with an industrial butter, you can already see a big difference optically. The mountain butter is yellow and really tastes like butter.

We achieve almost zero CO2 emissions at our walks, where we pick wild herbs, fruits, mushrooms and much more for our dinner. Here you also learn something for the home. Each season has its delights. In spring the fresh herbs for salads and teas, in summer the many mushrooms and pine cones for the good liquor, in the fall of the blueberries and cranberries for delicious desserts and jams.

The Alpine Cuisine has a great variety

Even in our dinner menus the regional food plays a supporting roles. A now famous representative is the Pinzgauer Beef, briefly called Piri. The exceptionally tasty beef of good-natured mountain cattle finds its completion as boiled meat with fried potatoes and horseradish. Or the Tauern lamb. It eats all summer the wild herbs of the National Park and is then served with fresh radish and polenta with rosemary and garlic. You have to try the deer from the Hohe Tauern or the fresh fish from the clear mountain streams. Without meat you can enjoy with delicious Pinzgauer Pinzgauer Kasnockn with original beer cheese and fresh salad. Or how about Erdäpfelnidei with cabbage and a glass of fresh milk? These are only the most common dishes - you can be sure of our imagination are almost no limits.

Alive and kicking with the 5 elements

We here in Hotel Castello Koenigsleiten are excited about the vegan kitchen. Whether tempeh, tofu, seitan or Ume-Su - our kitchen chefs love the vegan cooking and pick up ideas from the alpine cuisine, Ayurvedic kitchen and in the TCM. To cook without animal products means fewer restrictions than one might think at first. It is an exciting journey in which you get to know many new spices and foods. You discover new taste sensations and help your body to better health and more energy.

"For us, vegan food is just as normal as eating meat. Everyone should eat what he wants."

Especially in families, it is not that easy to cook the right thing sometimes. A common family meal in which all the habits and preferences are taken into account ... that is possible with us

We take one step further – the 5 elements cuisine

The diet due to the five elements fire, metal, earth, water, wood transmits the Chinese dietetics, one component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), on the usual diet in Western countries and the common food there. Basis of nutrition are the concepts of Yin and Yang (acids and bases). If you have a harmonious balance of these energies, the person is healthy. The diet is designed to promote and preserve this harmony.

The application of the principle of the five-element theory is leading to a balanced diet and activates the self-healing powers of the body very fast. We are pleased to be able to offer not only healthy, but also tasty menus.

Food is Medicine

The nutritionist and author Jörg Krebber keeps his nutrition seminar "Food is Medicine" also in our hotel and inspired us to pass on his knowledge to a balanced diet and to our guests. 

Geschmackvoll, regional und doch gut verträglich

Die Kooperation Hohe Tauern Health hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Allergikern einen möglichst beschwerdefreien Urlaub zu ermöglichen. Unsere Mitarbeiter in der Küche werden regelmäßig geschult, um für Sie unbedenkliche Gerichte kochen zu können. Eine externe Kontrolle durch die PMU Salzburg garantiert die Einhaltung der Qualitätskriterien. 

Ernährungsworkshop mit praktischen Tipps

Im Rahmen des Sommer-Wochenprogramms findet gemeinsam mit der Diätologin und einem erfahrenen Küchenchef ein Koch-Workshop rund um das Thema allergikerfreundliches Kochen statt. Es gibt dabei wichtige Tipps und Informationen unter dem Motto "Kulinarischer Genuss ohne Sorgen".