Krimml Waterfalls

The Krimmler Wasserfälle with their impressive height of fall of 380 m are one of the 5 highest waterfalls of the world. Counting 350.000 visitors a year, they belong to the most visited spots of Austria.

The proximity to the waterfalls has a positive effect on your well-being and health, as has been shown by scientific studies carried out on the waterfalls.

This is attributed to the high concentration of negative air ions in the air circulation sorrounding the waterfall. They stimulate the immune system, lead to a lasting improvement of the airways, have a positive effect to your lung function and reduce the frequency of seizures in allergy sufferers and asthmatics. This effect is unique and does not exist in the other waterfalls examined so far. 

And the best: The free hiking bus takes you directly to the waterfalls from July til beginning of September. From our hotel in Königsleiten it takes you only about 10 minutes to reach the waterfalls with your car.

Hiking at Krimml Waterfalls

You can also plan a day of hiking or a bike tour in the Krimmler Achental around visiting the waterfalls. It is best to park at parking lot 1, this is free. From there you can start straight to the first waterfall. There are a total of 3 waterfalls with a height difference of 380 m, along the way there are always viewing platforms with wonderful views. The Schönangerl inn is located at the second waterfall. Trout can be eaten there with the best view. The third waterfall follows, then the valley finally flattens out again and a wonderful alpine landscape spreads out. You hike along the Krimmler Ache, directly in the Hohe Tauern National Park.



Für Hüttenübernachtungen ist eine Reservierung nötig.


  • Reichenspitze (3.303 m)
  • Spaten (3.042 m)
  • Glockenkarkopf (2.811 m)
  • Dreiherrnspitze (3.499 m)
  • Simonyspitze (3.481 m)
  • Maurerkeesköpfe (3.311 m)
  • Gamsspitzl (2.888 m)
  • Schlieferspitze (3.290 m)


  • über Rainbachscharte (2.724 m) zur Zittauer Hütte
  • über Rosskarscharte (2.689 m) zur Zittauer Hütte
  • über Gamsscharte (2.972 m) zur Plauener Hütte (2.363 m)
  • über Windbachscharte (2.697 m) von Richter Hütte zur Warnsdorfer Hütte
  • über den Krimmler Tauern (2.633 m) zur Birnlückenhütte (2.441 m/Italien)
  • über Birnlücke (2.665 m) zur Birnlückenhütte